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The Life plan Process

Passion, perseverance and hard work have been the trademarks of your business. Now, you can protect and build upon all you have created with Life plan. A process that will help ensure stability and success on the road ahead.

Built on a unique, proprietary six-step process, Life plan focuses on achieving your short and long term goals by carefully examining what’s important to both you and your business.Each segment builds on the last, helping you plan for all the challenges that running a business can throw at you.

Let us help you organize the chaos of running a business with Life plan.

Project Your Goals

Step one with Life plan is to understand and Project Your Goals. We have created a ten question Scorecard to start the conversation that concentrates on critical areas of a business. In addition to the Scorecard, there is Protection Road Map and Life plan inventory. Protection Road Map is a map that will help you guide a conversation around business planning issues and Life plan inventory will help identify the information that will be needed to complete the subsequent steps in the Life plan process.

Needs Analysis

The Needs Analysis step in the Life plan will focus on aligning your retirement, business, and Life goals. Having all these segments working together is the foundation to creating a successful long-term plan for your unique situation. The subsequent steps in Life plan will help you determine strategic solutions that have been defined during this process.

Conversion of Value Analysis

Value Your Business

After determining your retirement and business needs, the next logical step in the Life plan is to Value Your Business. A business valuation helps us figure out if there is a gap between the current valuation of your business and where we need to go in terms of your long-term goal planning. A valuation will allow us to make sure your business exit and succession planning are in place and will give you piece of mind for the road ahead.

Conversion of Value Analysis

Conversion of Value Analysis

Define Marketability Strategy

Step #4 in Life plan is to Define Marketability Strategy which will provide concepts and resources to help create a more marketable business. The marketability strategy pieces will discuss strategies that can be used to help keep employees and increase the chances of the ongoing success of a business. Once you have made the decision to sell your business to an unrelated third party, the next logical step will be to contact a mergers & acquisitions advisor to assist in the process of selling your business. The mergers & acquisitions advisor will be able to help make the business more marketable, as well as market the business to potential buyers.

Conversion of Value Analysis

Design Optimal Solutions

Now that we have put together the foundational elements of your Life plan: Goals, Needs, Value and Marketablity, we will look at how you can Design Optimal Solutions that will help grow and protect your business in the most efficient way. As a Member Agent of The Nautilus Group, I work with a team of professionals that are experts on estate optimization and business planning techniques that can help maximize your Life plan.

Conversion of Value Analysis

Conversion of Value Analysis

Implement and Monitor Plan

The last step in Life plan is to Implement and Monitor your Plan. The goal is to have a comprehensive strategy in place that will cover you and your family through all the unforeseen events that can happen in both business and life. You can now take comfort in knowing that a plan has been designed that reflects all that is critical to you and your business. Once the plan is complete, we will work with you to make sure you stay on target and reach the goals that you have put together.

Conversion of Value Analysis